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Marie Gayatri     Sweden

A Healing Story 

This wall was used for a clay animation you can watch inside the gallery. It is a clay animation. Clay was used as paint on this wall, filmed and a story was created out of this event. 
Marie Gayatri’s A Healing Story is an animated video that relates a true story of a woman with child who has a miscarriage and is abandoned by her companion. As part of an ongoing project named Healing Our Stories. A display case at the Tsukuba Arts Center becomes the container/backdrop for the scenarios Marie Gayatri created using clay. We events taking place on a video in stop motion as Gayatri builds a Clay scenario on the wall outside the Art Center … In the case, there are clay covered stones with words written on them that reflect thoughts, feelings in the form of statements. Surrounding the stones are piles of fragments of clay … Reflecting on the process Marie Gayatri says, “Art has an ability to frame personal experiences in a contemporary context, where narratives will be given historical and cultural backgrounds from the act of making/performing a story… This healing story is inspired by experiences in my own life that took a long time to heal. Like losing a child, the constant struggle of raising children on my own, being worthy to be called a family without a husband at my side… Art takes the transformative personal healing process into another dimension where any story becomes a story for all of us.”
John K. Grande
Work Shop by Marie Gayatri
Work Shop by Marie Gayatri
Work Shop by Marie Gayatri
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